Adam Hammes CryZtal Raptor

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**DISCLAIMER: the pictured Raptor is not the exact disc you may be getting just a representation of the Color and Stamp. Also not all Yellow/Orange, Blood Orange and Strawberry Raptors are not identical. They are transitional colors and very limited so the picture may not best represent them but they are cool! We recommend not buying these color if you want it to look exactly like what is pictured** 


We are super excited to bring you our second collaboration with Adam Hammes. These CryZtal Raptors will be made in limited quantities to support Adam's tour during the 2021 season! 

Raptor - Distance Driver: Speed 9 | Glide 4 | Turn 0 | Fade 3 | Stability 2.1.

Discraft on the Raptor: "Drive with confidence with the overstable Raptor driver. A staple for forehand and high speed backhand throws, with minimal turn and a powerful ending fade."

Adam on his Signature Raptor: "These Raptors have a great stiff but grippy feel with strong overstable flight I can lean on in any conditions. I see myself relying on these in my bag for 2021!"