About the Series

The Oregon Series is a circuit of some of the premier events in the state of Oregon not showcased on the Disc Golf Pro Tour. Players from all over the Pacific Northwest will be competing for additional prize money at the end of the season awarded from points accumulated during the events in 2022.

PDGA Event Pages

Santiam Open

Buxton Spring Celebration

Hacking Thru Horning's

Oregon Open

CH Sports Open

North Umpqua Invitational

PAC West Classic

Battle at Bachelor



Columbia Cup

Series Standings

Here is where you are going to find the Series standings after every event so you know who is close to you in the race for the Series Title!


In 2022, we will be featuring 10 events in the State concluding with a Series Finale event!

Players will earn points based off of their finish at an event. First place in a division will receive 100 points, second will get 99 points, third will get 98 points and so on. Ties will split points at the positions, so if two players are tied for 5th they will each get 95.5 points for example.

Here's the divisions competing for the Series Titles: MPO, FPO, MP40, MA1, FA1, MA40, MA2

We're going to take your Top 6 placements of the 10 events to count towards your series total so missing an event or a bad performance won't ruin your chances of winning the Series.

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